24 Port Dock


Main board GA B75
CPU Intel Core i3-3240
Internal Storage Kingston DDR3 1600 4G
System hard drive System hard drive
Storage drive SATA3 4TB
Power 500W
Consumption 300W
USB ports 20 (can support 20pcs body worn cameras data collecting at the same time)
Hard disk support Single cabinet can support six hard disk slot position, support SAS hard disk, max to 24T hard disk
Operation System Windows7 SP1
Screen 19inch Resistive Touch Panel(RTP)   resolution 1280X1040
Collection rate Single platform (16GB) law enforcement instrument (storage) is completed within 30 minutes, 20 law enforcement instrument (16GB storage) at the same time data upload, 2 hours after the completion of the data.
Working voltage Acquisition station operating voltage wide 110-230VAC
Size 1500mm X 500mm X 450mm
Weight 150kg.

6 Port Dock


Processor Auto microprocessor control
Acquisition Port Dedicated 6ch insert + 4ch USB ports
PC Software Manager of Body Worn Camera
Power AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Temperature -10° to 55° Celsius / 14° to 131°  Farenheit
Dimensions About 250*230*80 (mm)
Weight 1.3 Kg / 2.87 lbs